About the Editor

Laura is the editor of Generation Atheist. She is somewhat, sort of, kind of anonymous, but regularly fails in her attempts at anonymity. You could probably find out who she is if you really tried. 

Laura lives in the UK and was vaguely religious until quite recently. Her parents aren’t really religious but her extended family are a little bit Catholic. She went to a Church of England Primary School, which she now realises, looking back, was much more religious than she thought at the time. She was confirmed into the Church of England on a bit of a whim when she was still a theist, and now regrets it.

The majority of Laura’s friends are Christians and, although they are mostly lovely people, she regularly feels the need to smack her head against a brick wall in frustration when speaking to them about religion. She started this blog in order to save her skull from permanent damage.

Although she is technically the editor of Generation Atheist, Laura does not wish to be its sole contributor, and dances for joy whenever she receives a contribution. She enjoys writing blog posts and relishes the feeling of power that comes with being able to call herself “The Editor,” but would much rather other people did the writing for her. She is quite lazy, you see.