Comment Policy

Commenting on the articles posted on Generation Atheist is very much encouraged. We hope to include work from lots of young atheists, sceptics, freethinkers, etc, and comments are very encouraging to contributors.

The only restriction on comments is that they should be free of personal insults, sexism, racism, homophobia, and any other sort of prejudice. Just be respectful of each other and you can’t go far wrong. However, it’s fine for non-theists on Generation Atheist to disagree with each other, and discussion and debate is encouraged.

Theists are not prevented from commenting on Generation Atheist, although you should remember that not all the non-theists here are looking for a debate. Some just want to communicate with like-minded people and may not want to respond to your questions or challenges. Mature discussion of ideas and differences will be allowed, but religious proselytising will not.  

Happy commenting!